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carbon-negative fabric made from carbon emissions

We turn carbon emissions into carbon-negative textiles with synthetic biology.

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Making carbon chic again

Fabrics made with Rubi technology are net carbon-negative, water- land- and chemical-neutral, 100% traceable, and naturally biodegradable.


We are the definitive, turn-key solution to achieving industry-wide sustainability and creating a future where production of goods and polluting the earth are no longer inherently linked. 

Image by Hong Nguyen
No more greenwashing

We are running out of time to safeguard the future of our planet. Our standards for sustainable solutions have to be smart and science-driven, marketing tricks and greenwashing won't get us there.


No more plastics, polyester, or dead-end materials that create another form of permanent waste ending up in landfills or incinerated, clouding the air with even more CO2 pollution.

Rubi is revolutionizing the supply chain to actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere with every garment created.

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Powered by biology, our patent-pending technology is inspired by the biological machinery that plants use to turn CO2 into natural fibers but streamlined at an industrial scale outside the cell, cost-competitively with todays material production.

We skip the water, land, and chemically intensive steps used today to grow and process plant fibers for the fashion industry, and instead directly synthesize the same exact fibers to create our own viscose that is carbon-negative, water- chemical- & land-neutral, 100% traceable, and naturally biodegradable. That means that every garment made with Rubi technology removes ~2 bathtubs of pure CO2 from the atmosphere.

We're leading the charge on cell-free enzymatic synthesis to build the definitive solution to preserve human prosperity and economic growth through new supply chains.



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We're scientists, businesspeople, doers, and innovators inspired to solve humanity's greatest problem and fundamentally change what is known to be possible.

Neeka Mashouf

Neeka Mashouf

Co-Founder & CEO

Leila Mashouf

Leila Mashouf

Co-Founder & CTO

Arzu Sandikci

Arzu Sandikci, PhD

Head of Bioengineering

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Gal Levin

Head of Process Development

Rebekah Holtsclaw

Rebekah Holtsclaw, PhD

Research Scientist


The future of manufacturing is planet-positive

Our vision is a world where human prosperity is planet-positive. Our breakthrough technology creates this future by unlocking abundance through a truly circular carbon economy.

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