the symbiotic manufacturing company

Rubi creates natural

textiles made 100%

from carbon emissions,

removing their weight in CO2 from the atmosphere and reversing climate change, with virtually zero water and zero land used in the process.
we believe

the next

chapter of


is the symbiotic era

Rubi exists to ensure our planetary future by restoring Earth’s ecological balance with reimagined supply chains that are symbiotic with the planet.

We’re on a mission to re-invent supply chains to be symbiotic with the planet. Our vision is a world where human prosperity is planet-positive and in mutual harmony with ecological prosperity.

For most of human history, close-minded industries have tried to advance human prosperity by exploiting and degrading Earth. Today, the ignorance of this approach threatens our species and life as a whole.  With nature as Rubi’s greatest inspiration, our technology enables for the first time production systems that exist in harmony with the planet -- cleaning the air, preserving Earth’s resources, and creating goods that improve people’s lives then become food for the planet at end-of-life.

[y]our impact

We make the same high-quality textiles you know and love.
One pair of jeans made with Rubi textiles...

Avoids and captures ~20 bathtubs of pure, planet-warming CO2 (18 and 2, respectively)

Consumes virtually zero water or land

Is the same exact material already used in apparel, and biodegrades at end-of-life

inspired by nature


by biology.

Plants breathe in CO2 and use it to construct strong, valuable molecules called cellulose, which humans have extracted for centuries in energy intensive & polluting processes that drive climate change. It’s how we get critical goods like textiles today, and a major reason why the Apparel industry is the third most CO2-polluting supply chain on the planet.

At Rubi, we use the same biological machinery - enzymes - to capture CO2 and convert it to cellulose through our process which is net carbon-negative, water and land neutral, and fully traceable.  No extraction needed, and we let plants just be plants.

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