We're scientists, businesspeople, doers, and innovators inspired to solve humanity's greatest problem and fundamentally change what is known to be possible.  Come join our team!

Our purpose

Rubi exists to ensure our planetary future by restoring Earth’s ecological balance with reimagined supply chains that are symbiotic with the planet. We’re on a mission to re-invent supply chains to be symbiotic with the planet. Our vision is a world where human prosperity is planet-positive and in mutual harmony with ecological prosperity.

Life at rubi



  • You take informed risks and are open to possible failure
  • You make tough decisions without agonizing delay
  • You give and take feedback from colleagues
  • You keep the team accountable
  • You are proud to create planet-positive, symbiotic supply chains for the fashion industry and beyond
  • You are excited about your work
  • You inspire others with your drive for excellence
  • You are tenacious and optimistic
  • You learn rapidly and eagerly
  • You explore new or alternate perspectives to improve your ideas
  • You are humble and open to new ideas
  • You exhibit dependability, honesty, and transparency
  • You make wise decisions despite ambiguity
  • You use data to inform your intuition and choices
  • You look beyond symptoms to identify systemic issues
  • You spend our customers’ and investors’ money wisely
  • You make decisions mostly based on their long term, rather than near term, impact
  • You seek to deeply understand problems from many perspectives and find the root to inform the best solution
  • You create solutions that make a game-changing impact on our customers or team
  • You have a bias toward action, perseverance, and resourcefulness
  • Your communication is clear and concise
  • You listen well and seek to understand before responding
  • You collaborate with empathy and respect
for better
  • You constantly strive for better for yourself, your team, and Rubi
  • You help renew, refresh, and innovate our approach and ideas
  • You seek what is best for Rubi and the greater good, not yourself or your team
  • You are humble and open-minded
  • You help your teammates succeed
Create Belonging & Diverse Representation
  • You make people feel respected, welcome, celebrated, and like they belong
  • You work well with people of different backgrounds, identities, values, and cultures
  • You strive to ensure diverse representation at Rubi
Take care of
each other
  • You act with kindness and respect
  • You create community
These values were developed by the founders, Rubi team, and with heavy inspiration from organizations we admire. They are meant to evolve.


The Basic Assumption™
We believe that everyone at Rubi is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best, and wants to improve.
In Service of Earth and Earthlings
Rubi exists to serve Earth & earthlings by ensuring an abundant planetary future. All our work should diligently support our mission for impactful social & environmental good on the accelerating timescales of global warming.
Freedom + Responsibility
We inspire people more than we manage them. Our goal is to give our exceptional teammates the independence to be their best, along with strong self-discipline and good judgment. Freedom and responsibility go together.
Alignment + Ownership
We believe Rubi is most innovative when employees make and own decisions. Each leader’s role is to coach, create shared alignment about goals and context, give feedback, and stay informed about their team’s work, but ensure employee autonomy to make most decisions and lead projects. This helps keep us agile, flexible, and informal as we grow.
Fresh Perspectives for Unprecedented Results
We know that uncommon results require unconventional methods. We welcome and encourage new perspectives from anywhere to inspire us.