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Rubi exists to ensure our planetary future by restoring Earth’s ecological balance with reimagined supply chains that are symbiotic with the planet. We’re on a mission to re-invent supply chains to be symbiotic with the planet. Our vision is a world where human prosperity is planet-positive and in mutual harmony with ecological prosperity.

To combat climate change, the world desperately needs affordable and scalable solutions rooted in cutting-edge science and technology to reinvent the ways industries operate.

Our first focus:

The apparel


More than many other industries, fashion is a big culprit speeding us toward further environmental catastrophe: It is currently the third most CO2 polluting supply chain on the planet, mainly from textile production.

While major brands are setting ambitious goals to reduce their carbon emissions by 2030, the reality is that until there’s a way to affordably produce planet-positive clothing, we’ll stay where we are. That’s where Rubi comes in.

At Rubi, we produce the same high-quality natural textiles already used by the industry (viscose & lyocell) directly from CO2, for less cost, and completely carbon-negative and water- and land-neutral. We plug into existing textile manufacturing as a branded ingredient.

Rubi is creating the:


future of


We’re ultimately developing a technology platform to re-invent planet-positive global supply chains for materials like building materials, food, packaging, and more. Our vision is a world where human prosperity is planet-positive, and product supply chains are symbiotic with Earth.