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Breathing Fresh Air Into Supply Chains: Our Pilot Partnership with Walmart

Neeka Mashouf
July 27, 2023

Since establishing Rubi in 2021, Leila and I have shared a vision: ensure the planetary future by restoring Earth’s ecological balance with reimagined supply chains that are symbiotic with the planet. Achieving such a mission requires collaboration and unity, recognizing that we can't do it alone. That's why partnering with like-minded organizations is deeply ingrained in the very essence of Rubi.

Today, we make another major step forward by introducing our pilot partnership with Walmart. Walmart’s ability to mobilize positive impact across its supply chain of diverse US collaborations will be massively impactful in scaling our production and delivering on our commitments.

Walmart is the first company to execute both manufacturing and brand pilot agreements with us, and we could not be more excited about what this means for Rubi and the planet.

What the Partnership Looks Like

This partnership will roll out as a series of pilot projects designed to explore the integration of innovative carbon capture technology. Together, we are poised to disrupt supply chains and deliver affordable apparel and other products made from carbon emissions for Walmart customers.  

In the manufacturing pilot, the two companies will explore how Rubi’s modular reactor systems could integrate on-site to CO2-producing facilities at manufacturers in the Walmart supply chain to capture and convert CO2.

In a brand pilot, Walmart and Rubi will join forces to test Rubi’s cellulose fiber performance for use in a prototype garment and ultimately design and develop a sample apparel collection, focusing on accessibility to the masses.  

These initiatives reflect our mutual commitment to advancements in sustainable products and manufacturing and will lay the groundwork for deeper opportunities to create and innovate as partners.    

With Walmart’s scale and reach, the potential for Rubi’s technology to drive transformative change in how major manufacturing or supply chain companies approach zero waste and zero emissions is incredibly inspiring. We are beyond thrilled to start testing all of these initiatives.  

What's Next

This collaboration with Walmart is just the beginning of a journey toward a sustainable future. In the next several months, we will implement and drive the various components of Walmart’s pilot programs and will share more as the partnership evolves.  

Interested in learning more? Watch this quick video to learn how Rubi and Walmart will work together. You can also check out our coverage on Bloomberg!

How to Help

Want to be a part of saving the planet? Take part in our journey by following us on Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn! We’ll have more product updates, partnership announcements, and ways that you can make change very soon.

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